We empower entrepreneurs to reach their full potential by providing an epicentre for entrepreneurial activity, bringing together like-minded people and providing them with all the tools they need to bring their ideas to life.

The Cranfield family

pt视讯官网将管理专家和技术人员聚集在一起,提供最聪明的想法, and we welcome investors, 导师和行业专家. 所以无论你是一名想要自己创业的学生, a seasoned entrepreneur looking to take advantage of Cranfield’s world-class entrepreneurship programmes and technical facilities, 或者是寻求最佳创意和最聪明头脑的投资者, pt视讯官网可以帮助你获得所需的资源. At Cranfield you’ll part of a unique network that enables business ideas to go from conception to super-growth.


  • Incubation co-workspace, 具有灵活的低成本条款的车间和办公室, which encourage interactions with like-minded and highly motivated fellow entrepreneurs;
  • 创业技能发展课程和活动 贝塔尼创业中心;
  • Business and technical mentors, drawn from Cranfield’s alumni network and industry partners;
  • 航空航天等学科的学术专长, aviation, manufacturing, design, cleantech and security;
  • Networking and industry-specific events and lectures to facilitate knowledge sharing and networking opportunities with nationwide networks;
  • 一个世界级的技术演示和成熟环境,包括R&D、机场设施、快速成型和设计专业知识;
  • Support with funding and exposure to investors (pre-seed, seed, series A and grant funding).

Many of our students go on to form highly successful businesses and at Cranfield we give you the support you need to get started. 下面是一些案例研究,告诉你克兰菲尔德可以把你带到哪里.


At Cranfield we run a range of networking events that growing businesses can benefit from attending.

Venture Day
A one-day annual conference and networking event and a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and innovative individuals to come together for a day of networking, music, entertainment and enterprise.

Entrepreneurship Speaker Series
A programme featuring leading entrepreneurs who will take you through their journey and the challenges they faced whilst growing their business. These inspiring talks also provide the opportunity to network with individuals who share your interest in entrepreneurship.

Research & Development Breakfast Seminars
Join us for breakfast and networking to learn about funding opportunities for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the SEMLEP region, 来自主要工业部门的中小企业如何获得开发新技术的资金, 支持增长和创新的流程和服务, and much more. Contact
Cranfield Technology Park to book onto the next session.

Visit our 管理学院活动页面 有关pt视讯官网运行的许多其他活动的信息.

For growing businesses

Business Growth Programme
This programme provides owner-managers with a unique opportunity to step back from the day-to-day demands of running their business and develop a comprehensive strategy and plan for the future. 

Ready for Scale
Ready for Scale is designed to enable micro/SMEs to take their business to the next level. 通过现场活动和在线模块的结合, 你将被帮助克服限制你业务发展的障碍.

Ready for Net Zero Growth
The Ready for Net Zero Growth programme helps your business take a leap on its growth trajectory with a focus on embedding your businesses Net Zero ambitions within your growth plan.

Incubation and acceleration

AVIATE+, Cranfield University has been designated as a University Enterprise Zone and has been awarded £1.2 million from Research England to help to create a UK Aviation Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship cluster.

Cranfield Eagle Lab, 巴克莱银行和pt视讯官网之间令人兴奋的合作, 创新实验室是专攻航空技术的吗. It offers a co-working space for ambitious entrepreneurs to scale and grow their businesses.

pt视讯官网创业孵化中心 能为你羽翼未丰的公司提供完美的环境吗, 先进的技术和管理经验就在您的家门口. 身处pt视讯官网校园的创新中心对您的业务将是无价的, 无论是在形成阶段还是在成长过程中.

MK:U Innovation Hub is a central beacon for trailblazing ideas within the local business community based at MK:U这是克兰菲尔德为米尔顿凯恩斯设立的新大学. Launched in March 2022, 该中心是专门的创意和协作空间的家, 运行定期的展示和网络活动, and also offers a unique Innovator Programme that helps entrepreneurs develop and market their ideas.

Events for our students

Our students benefit from a wide range of engaging events at Cranfield to help develop the budding entrepreneur such as:

Ideas to Innovation (i2i) - i2i has been designed for ambitious individuals looking to unlock their entrepreneurial and creative potential. This programme encourages research students to consider the social and economic relevance of their research.

Start-up Weekends -充满活力的周末,在那里你可以学到来自校园各地的想法, build interim teams and thrash out ideas so that we can help you find viable business opportunities.

Entrepreneurship Speaker Series - throughout this programme you will hear from leading entrepreneurs who will take you through their journey and the challenges they faced whilst growing their businesses. 

Investor Day - the annual Cranfield Investor Day is an opportunity for selected Entrepreneurs affiliated with Cranfield University to present their business ideas to receive feedback from a senior panel of experts, 经验丰富的企业家和投资者.

联合利华-克兰菲尔德创新加速器项目 -真实的“龙穴”事件, 最终有9个学生团队展示了他们的解决方案, 专注于提高可持续性, 给高管和学者.

创业投资比赛 -在VCIC网站上找到更多信息.

NatWest Climate Hackathon -一个应对现实气候挑战的互动活动, enabling students to create, 针对这些挑战,开发并推销可行的业务解决方案.

欧洲年度商业计划大赛 - the EBPYC was jointly created by INSEAD and London Business School in 1993 to encourage the teaching of entrepreneurship and the creation of new ventures.

Visit the 管理学院活动页面 有关pt视讯官网运行的许多其他活动的信息.

Thought leadership

Thought Leadership -pt视讯官网的学者定期就全球新闻议题发表评论, 加强他们在影响商业和社会事务方面的专业知识.

Research degrees – the Cranfield PhD and the Executive DBA will equip you with the skills you need to make an impact in your chosen field.

博士机会-见目前的机会 贝塔尼创业中心.